Either during a movie or minutes before dinner. We have all been guilty of this. Who hasn’t heard their mom’s famous words…
you’re gonna ruin your appetite“.

At Snacktraders, “We KNOW Snacks”!

Isabelle Couturier & Manish Kaura of Brossard, Canada came up with the idea of SnackTraders when struggling with creativity every night in making their kid’s lunches. Always having to pack snacks that were nut free, low in sugar, and EXCITING enough for their kids to eat was more challenging than an 8 hour day at work. Thus, SnackTraders was born.

At SnackTraders, “We KNOW Snacks“! …and we also know a thing or two about high-end chocolates, quality roasted nuts and coffees from around the world.

Today, SnackTraders has become the go-to solution for snack items, coffees (whole bean or ground) and automatic espresso machines. We cater to homes and offices and inadvertently became a great gifting solution since sometimes you just want to say Thanks!

Try us out today and let us exceed your expectations.